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I dearly love focus-follows-mouse behavior. Pursuant to that, I've got my Windows 7 machine set up to give focus to the window where the mouse pointer is, without raising it. Unfortunately, this is causing problems with my Eclipse when I'm debugging a Java app.
To wit: I'm debugging, and I select an element (such as new Integer(3)) and then either use the right-click context menu or hit ctrl+shift+i to Inspect the element. The Inspect window appears, but disappears immediately. If I can move the mouse quickly enough to put the mouse pointer in the Inspect window, then it stays around, but this has proven to be less than optimal. I've looked everywhere I can think of for a solution. I can imagine it would be a setting that automatically moves the pointer to the Inspect window, or setting the Inspect window to have focus when it shows up and not allowing the main Eclipse app to steal that focus back. But I haven't been able to solve this.

Note that I've only ever noticed this with the Inspect window--the tooltip-type popups that appear when the mouse is over an element stay around long enough for me to use them effectively.

Any ideas?

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as a workaround, you can always use the Variables/Display views – krock Mar 21 '11 at 22:30

The same problem was also faced by me today. I did:

  1. refresh all project

  2. select all project > right click > maven > update project > force update Snapshots/Releases

  3. build the project

After that my problem got resolve.

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