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As I interpret the documentation, getY() is supposed to return the upper-left hand Y coordinate of a rectangle; i.e the biggest Y coordinate. However, when calling getMaxY() (which is inherited from the RectangularShape class) I get back a bigger value!

In code:

Path2D bg = polygons.get(polyId2GeoId.get(id));
Rectangle2D bgBox = bg.getBounds2D();
boolean omgwtfbbqrsvp = bgBox.getY()<bgBox.getMaxY();

omgwtfbbqrsvp is true... What am I missing here?

My x values contain negative numbers idk if that makes a difference. It sames like bgBox.getY() == bgBox.getMinY() (which is wrong if getY is upper coord) but bgBox.getX() == bgBox.getMinX() (which is correct if getX is left coord). The heights and widths appear correct.


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Wtf why did you use omgwtfbbqrsvp as a variable name? ;) –  RoflcoptrException Mar 21 '11 at 23:23

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The problem is that the coordinate system used here has its point (0,0) on the upper left corner. The point (n,n) is on the lower right corner.

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