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Any ideas why I am getting an error with the following code?

Thanks in advance!


explanatory<-round(c(rnorm(20, 10,1), rnorm(10, 8, 1), rnorm(10,20,1), rnorm(20,18,1)),2)
gender=c(rep("male", 30), rep("female", 30))
factor1=as.factor(c(rep('a', 20), rep('b', 20), rep('c', 20)))
scatterplot(response~explanatory, smooth=FALSE, reg.line=FALSE)
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I think scatterplot is intended to use with data frames, check:

df <- data.frame(response, explanatory)
scatterplot(response~explanatory, df, smooth=FALSE, reg.line=FALSE)


result image with scatterplot

I have no idea what you want to do with gender and factor1.

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Bingo! I had those vectors in a data frame but I wasn't using the data frame as an argument for the scatterplot() function. I am going to plot according to 'gender' and 'factor1' –  Michael Mar 21 '11 at 23:58
This code runs though. Terribly sorry about the formatting. require(Sleuth2) require(MASS) require(calibrate) require(lattice) library(car) attach(ex0918) Wing.Size<-c(Females, Males) Gender<-as.factor(c(rep("Female", length(Females)), rep("Male", length(Males)))) continent<-as.factor(c(rep(c(rep("NA", 11), rep("EU", 10) ),2 ) ) ) latitude2<-c(rep(Latitude,2)) Gender.continent=as.factor(paste(Gender, continent)) type<-as.numeric(Gender.continent) scatterplot(Wing.Size ~ latitude2|Gender.continent, smooth=FALSE, reg.line=FALSE) –  Michael Mar 22 '11 at 0:00
scatterplot(cbind(response, explanatory), smooth=FALSE, reg.line=FALSE) 

Is this what you were looking for? The error was telling, it said not a matrix because what you provided wasn't.

enter image description here

Looks like gender and factor1 have nothing to do with your issue. Not sure I understand why the code was included

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My goal ultimately is to plot those according to 'gender' and 'factor1' which I have done previously by pasting those two factors as a new variable (gender.factor1) and then 'scatterplot(response~explanatory|gender.factor1, smooth=FALSE, reg.line=FALSE)' That does not seem to be working on this code though and I'm not sure why. –  Michael Mar 21 '11 at 23:46

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