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First something that should work, then something that doesn't. Why doesn't it is the question.

I declare two classes:

class Base { ... };
class Derived : public Base { ... };

I then have the following function elsewhere:

void foo(shared_ptr<Base> base);   

The following code should work right?

share_ptr<Derived> derived;

Now, forget the above, I declare three classes:

class Foo { ... };
template <typename TYPE> class Base { ... };
class Derived : public Base<Foo> { ... };

Elsewhere, I declare a templated function:

template <typename TYPE> void foo(shared_ptr<Base<TYPE> > base); 

The following code does not work:

shared_ptr<Derived> derived;

It says that there is no matching function foo(...) found which accepts share_ptr<Derived>

First, should the original example work? And second, what do you think could be the issue in the second example where I have a shared_ptr to a class that is derived from a specialized base class.

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I don't think the compiler will go through a level of indirection in that way. Rather, you can explicitly instantiate foo with TYPE set to Foo. Eg, the following compiles via g++:


class Foo {};
template <typename T> class Base {};
class Derived : public Base<Foo> {};

template<typename T>
int foo(boost::shared_ptr<Base<T> > base) {return 0;}

boost::shared_ptr<Derived> derived;
int t = foo<Foo>(derived);

int main() {return 0;}
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That's very interesting. Just that addition of <Foo> to the call of the foo function makes it work. –  Alan Turing Mar 22 '11 at 2:45

This might be a copy and paste error, but just to cover all the bases, you missed the 'd' in 'shared' for share_ptr<Derived>.

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Thanks for that! –  Alan Turing Mar 22 '11 at 2:43

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