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Are there any differences between window.location.hash and $(window).location.hash?

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btw, it's $(window), not $(windows) :3 –  Thomas Menga Mar 22 '11 at 0:40

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There are differences - jQuery will parse and preform a bunch of unnecessary operations on the object, so just doing window.location.hash is better.

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Wrapping things like this or window inside a call to $ is only useful when you want to use a jQuery method on the resulting object, since a call to $ will return the object wrapped inside a jQuery object. So, in this case, just use window.location.hash

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I would consider this to be the answer: it explains the wrapping, but importantly it explains the VALUE (or anti-value) of $ wrapping. –  dsdsdsdsd Mar 25 '13 at 9:54

Well, one works, the other doesn't.

Doing $(window) will wrap the window object inside a jQuery object, and the jQuery object doesn't have a location property, so you will get undefined back. As you can't get the property hash (or any property) from undefined, the code ends with the error message "$(window).location is undefined".

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