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I had a txt file with content as shown below: 'marks: 40,66,34,88,70' i want to make a spread sheet with the content of txt file. (illustrated with referrence to 1 txt file, supposing to handle many). is there any module to handle spreadsheets? how can i achieve this?

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can be used to create Excel files easily. Check out the examples from the examples folder within the source tree.

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pyexcelerator is a good option but it isn't well documented. if you could mention how to add data to cells of an existing spreadsheet it will be a great favor. (i tried but didn't worked) –  Kiran V Menon Jun 19 '11 at 4:34

The csv module can export in a format that can be read by nearly all spreadsheet programs with little difficulty. It's not really clear from your question what you want to put in such a file, though.

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what i want to do is download individual results and make a spread sheet of the results of students of a whole class. I know how to get data from internet and make a text file as i mentioned (individually), but i dont know how to create spreadsheets with python. –  Kiran V Menon Mar 22 '11 at 12:44

My personal preference: For writing Excel Files
For Reading Excel Files
Just go here.

This uses pypi. So it's even better!

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The csv module can do your spreadsheet lifting.

Assuming you have the file contents read in, here is the relevant spreadsheet creation:

import csv

outfile = open('output.csv', 'wb')

# Done for example, a list will need to be created for each row of your spreadsheet.
filecontents = [marks,40,66,34,88,70]

fileWriter = csv.writer(outfile, dialect='excel')

Of course, there will be additional reading files and loops to write more than one row to the csv file, this is just a basic example.

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