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Please help on

  1. How to implement a filter box where user can key in search keywords with multiple wildcard characters and at some time user will just use a single wildcard character anywhere from the filter box.
    Examples: M_*_DQ*, *QS1, Reg*, M_*DQ

  2. Is it possible to remove/replace duplicated words in a single line by regEx? How to implement this if its possible.
    Example: John, Johnny, John, Doug, Douglas, Doug
    Output: John, Johnny, Doug, Douglas


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  1. A regex to match 'M_*_DQ*' will be /M_.*_DQ.*/. . stands for "any character" and * stands for "match 0 or more times". Any special character that the user enters will need to be escaped with a backslash, so for instance if the user entered 'M(_*' this will become M\(_.*.

  2. A regular expression is not the suitable tool for this.

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Hi Mauritz, for item#1, its working, i was hoping regEx can help me reduce the number of loops when i try to remove duplicate entries in my list, thanks anyway –  Aries Mar 23 '11 at 1:44

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