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I'm having trouble passing command parameters remotely to a "ForceCommand" program in ssh.

In my remote server I have this configuration in sshd_config:

Match User user_1 
ForceCommand /home/user_1/user_1_shell

The user_1_shell program limits the commands the user can execute, in this case, I only allow the user to execute "set_new_mode param1 param2". Any other commands will be ignored.

So I expect that when a client logs in via ssh such as this one:

ssh user_1@remotehost "set_new_mode param1 param2"

The user_1_shell program seems to be executed, but the parameter string doesn't seem to be passed.

Maybe, I should be asking, does ForceCommand actually support this? If yes, any suggestions on how I could make it work?


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I found the answer. The remote server captures the parameter string and saves it in "$SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND" environment variable. –  Glux Mar 22 '11 at 5:57
Use the Answer feature, paste your resolution above in, and then you can check the answer as accepted. You might get points for it. I will up vote it so you'll get some points. –  shellter Mar 28 '11 at 19:37

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