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similar to /etc/passwd, I'd like a 6-field, colon-separeted file to store some textual and numerical informaiton. Primarily using BASH, how can I read/write to this file efficiently, by index (0-5, or 1-6)? I will be writing to the file using >, awk, sed, tee and other similar textual manipulation tools.

I'm assuming that I can use read with -d\: to bring the information from a file back into script varaibles ... Any ideas appreciated.

A comment from a helpful reader states: "You should provide more concrete examples of what you are trying to do..."

I have a backup script that records

  • starttime
  • end time
  • backup type (H/C) hot/cold
  • backup success (Y/C)
  • Error Reason (reason backup failed)
  • extra field

Ideally I'd like to have (empty fields still delimited)



17.30:18.45:H:N:files not found:

After wards, I have a script that imports this information to a database, into the correct locations. It's easier to just use indexes to import these data.

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you can just use awk for reason of efficiency instead of Bash (or others with ability to split on fields)

To read:

awk -F":" '{print $1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6}' file 

You should provide more concrete examples of what you are trying to do...

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