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My little App creates an account in AccountManager. But if i move the App from internal storage to SD card, the account is automatically delete by AccountManagerService if i unmounted the SD card or reboot the machine.

does anyone have any idea about this ? does this mean we cannot move the App to SD card or is it because i am missing some config attributes in the config xml ?

D/AccountManagerService( 245): deleting account XXX because type com.XXX no longer has a registered authenticator D/ContactsProvider( 945): removing data for removed account Account {name=XXXX, type=com.XXX}

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How are you moving it? Using FroYo's built in "Move to SD" function, or using a third party solution like AppsToSD? – maxpower47 Jun 21 '11 at 15:27

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see the reply from dianne hackborn on android-developers:

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