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Specifically I'm looking to start and stop an EventMachine (EM) from a Ruby on Rails controller.

(I've been told that 'Thin' would work well for this.)

NOTE: This EM server is SEPARATE from the Mongrel server running the Ruby on Rails application. (The EM server is accepting connections from an Arduino microcontroller.)

Running 'Thin' as the server .. I SHOULD be able to accept both HTTP requests and the Arduino's connections.

# Starts Server
def start_control_server
    EventMachine::run {
        @EchoServer = EventMachine::start_server "", 40013, EchoServer

# Attempts ( fails ) to stop server
def stop_control_server

If you're recommending other servers OTHER than a straight-up EventMachine please provide code to execute the above code.

Complete controller code available here: http://pastie.org/1698383

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EventMachine.stop_event_loop from the EM docs: "It causes the processing loop to stop executing, which will cause all open connections and accepting servers to be run down and closed." ** not yet verified ** –  delinquentme Mar 22 '11 at 5:31

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I'm guessing you're not calling start_control_server and stop_control_server inside another controller method. That means your instance variable (@EchoServer) isn't going to exist when you call stop.

One solution might be to store the id returned from start_server in the session. As in

  def start_control_server
    session[:em_server_id] = EventMachine::start_server "", 4000, EchoServer

  def stop_control_server
    EventMachine.stop_server(session[:em_server_id]) if session[:em_server_id]
    session[:em_server_id] = nil

Also, if you're running your rails app using thin then you are already inside an eventmachine loop, so you don't need to call EventMachine::run. Calling EventMachine.stop_server doesn't seem to disconnect anything that is already connected but stops any further connections from being established to the specified port.

Hope thats of some use!

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