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i've been searching on the internet on how to convert a HTML page into a PDF file using Java. i found a lot of pointers, and in short, they don't work or are too difficult to implement. i also downloaded a commercial product, pdf4ml; the API is something i'd be happy to work with, except that when i crawled a simple page on wikipedia, i get a out of memory error (setting Xmx to 1024 M). in some approaches, they suggest converting HTML -> XHTML -> FO -> PDF. however, i am getting a lot of exceptions for the XHTML-to-FO XLS file; and reading the documentations, it's not something that i have enough time to understand right now.

here are my questions/concerns. 1. is there another cohesive API out there that will easily convert HTML to PDF (commercial or not)? 2. is there a way i can simply capture a HTML page and store it as a single file. this approach would be similar to using internet explorer's way of saving a web page as a web archive (single file, MHT format)?

any help is appreciated. (btw, i know this question has been asked repeatedly, but in addition to the original spirit of the question, i'm opened to other ways). thanks.

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Aside from automation, you can use BullZip PDF Printer to print the HTML page to PDF. – eradicus Mar 22 '11 at 4:55
this is around the one hundredth time the "html->pdf in java" question has been asked. Part of the reason Stack Overflow exists is so you can check the answers to previously asked questions. Do So. – Mark Storer Mar 22 '11 at 18:07

Try wkhtmltopdf, which is using WebKit. Another option (I'm using that currently) is using OpenOffice (remote controlled via macros).

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This option is amazing! Webkit does a great job at HTML5+CSS3 rendering. – monksy Jul 15 '14 at 5:16

you may use iText open source Java lib for that, and read this

or use YaHPConverter open source Java lib.

or do this whith help of icepdf popular open source lib

or use pd4ml, but it not free, only trial.

or use this, and this is man for it.

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My 2 cents using opensource tools:

You can use either Capture screenshots with Selenium or WebDriver to save html page's screenshot in an image file from your Java code. And once you have image file you can convert it to pdf again from your Java code.

EDIT: It seems you can do all that in 1 step using itext Html to Pdf

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I am not sure but you could Try

1) cobra html rendering engine

2) htmleditorkit -- part of jdk

3) JWebPane

Use the rendering kit to parse and render html. The rendered out put is a swing component. Swing component can be used by itext to generate pdf file out put

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You can try out Pdfcrowd. It is an easy to use commercial online API with many options and with support for Java.

It can create PDF either from web pages or raw HTML code.

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Unfortunately, Pdfcrowd isn't free. – Nathan Jun 20 '15 at 20:13

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