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With sed, what is a one liner to print the first n characters. I am doing the following.

grep -G 'defn -test.*' OctaneFullTest.clj  | sed ....
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Don't use sed, use cut.

grep .... | cut -c 1-N

If you MUST use sed:

grep ... | sed -e 's/^\(.\{12\}\).*/\1/'
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colrm x

For example, if you need the first 100 characters:

cat file |colrm 101 

It's been around for years and is in most linux's and bsd's (freebsd for sure), usually by default. I can't remember ever having to type apt-get install colrm.

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Strictly with sed:

grep ... | sed -e 's/^\(.\{N\}\).*$/\1/'
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don't have to use grep either

an example:

sed -n '/searchwords/{s/^\(.\{12\}\).*/\1/g;p}' file
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