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Greetings all.

I am making a ANSI C multi-threaded www-crawler (HTTP 1.1 compatible) on Linux 2.6.29-3.ydl61.3 and fairly progressed well. I have '000 of domains in a MySQL database to collect pages from. I can open any/all the domains in the crawler in keep-alive mode, as desired. I use POSIX threading and there are no contentions or data races whatsoever.

While the target servers seem ready to allow me to issue multiple concurrent or sequential requests for pages on each server socket (since each server returns 'Connection: Keep-Alive' as expected), I cannot actually do so... I can only fetch one page per socket connection... i.e. I can write a typical HTTP GET request to the socket via a file-descriptor and read down the response. Then immediately after that, I can only write to the fd BUT NOT read anymore! So while I have multiple (some into hundreds) urls per domain... it seems that I have to keep recreating socket connections to the same servers for each write/read (extremely memory wasteful and slow) rather than create only one client TCP connection and keep reusing the fd/socket until am done with the domain.

See below a partial output of 'netstat --inet -a' (note that as undesired I have multiple local socket connections to the same domain - these are not concurrent per domain):

tcp 0 0 gcell1:38614 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell1:34678 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34768 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:56085 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34661 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34785 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:46660 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34697 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:37510 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:37516 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34710 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34711 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:46677 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:56513 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:57560 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:46634 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:46607 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:46666 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:37526 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:46673 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34736 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:57557 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:56395 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34714 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34669 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:34767 CLOSE_WAIT tcp 0 0 gcell11:43381 CLOSE_WAIT

The client socket is created as below (partial code only)

if((http_socket_fd = socket (PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_TCP))!=SKMG_FAILURE) //typical
fcntl(http_socket_fd,SOCK_NONBLOCK); //set to non-block
setsockopt(http_socket_fd, SOL_SOCKET, SO_KEEPALIVE, &optval, optlen); //local TCP keep-alive used
while(connect(http_socket_fd, (struct sockaddr *)&http_name, sizeof (struct sockaddr_in)) == (-1))
return http_socket_fd;

After this I just use write/read on the fd. And it works perfectly BUT for ONLY one round trip.

1) How can I reuse http_socket_fd for each HTTP GET write/read per domain without needing to create a new local TCP socket for each url?? Merely passing http_socket_fd to every page fetch call per domain is exactly what has failed to work. [CRITICAL]

2) How can I make asynchronous requests to these servers on this one thread per socket per domain paradigm? I run 4 concurrent threads (my server is dual-threaded), i.e. 4 different concurrent domain fetches. [NON-CRITICAL]

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Could you add an example request/response? – Hasturkun Mar 22 '11 at 11:16
Somebody pls help!!! Why can't I reuse the http client socket, since I don't call close(http_socket_fd)???? I don't want to keep recreating a new client connection socket to the same host for successive requests. Is it not possible in C to reuse an open client socket (which already has HTTP keep-alive enabled) for successive read/writes? It seems possible with Java… – EdNdee Apr 23 '11 at 14:20

The usual practice is to create one client socket per connection. It is also a bad idea to share sockets among threads.

Instead of writing your own HTTP client, have you ever considered using a library like libcurl that provide many advanced features? The libcurl site has a sample program that downloads content using multiple threads. Also have a look at ZeroMQ, a high-performance messaging framework. A ZeroMQ socket could be used to connect to multiple servers and efficiently download data. (See The Guide).

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Vijay, thanks for prompt response and suggestions to use a 3rd party library. Correction, I don't share sockets across threads at all! I clearly said so in ... "one thread per socket per domain paradigm"... Each threads of my 4 threads in a pool only deals with one socket, and in turn each socket connects to one domain only. My question has to do with keeping this exact approach for all successive connections to each domain. About 3rdp library, it's one of those rare occasions I'd rather not deal with a black box and need absolute control of the code for a specific reason. – EdNdee Mar 22 '11 at 6:46

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