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Can a Linq query retrieve BLOBs from a Sql Database?
And how do they come out?

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BLOB is a Oracle term, not a Microsoft SQL Server term. Refer to the specific column type to get a better answer (such as 'text' or 'image'). – samjudson Sep 10 '08 at 12:36
Oracle only eh? Someone'd better tell Microsoft!… – gbjbaanb Sep 30 '08 at 19:57

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LINQ-To-SQL classes create properties of type System.Data.Linq.Binary for all binary and varbinary fields in SQL-Server. The Binary type has a .ToArray() method that returns a byte[], and its constructor can take a byte[].

Older versions of SQLMetal generated properties of type byte[], but the problem with these was that they failed in any joins. I think that's the main reason they replaced it with the IEquatable Binary type.

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If I'm not mistaken LINQ to SQL teats BLOB as System.Byte[]
I recall that there was some problem with SqlMetal, it generated wrong type for BLOB, but MSVS dmbl designer should work.

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