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I want to generate toc for the heading tags. Is there any free program?

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What is this "toc" you speak of? Google guesses "Table of Contents", but Wikipedia is confused: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TOC . Is this a programming question? What have you tried? –  Kobi Mar 22 '11 at 5:59
@Kobi, I'm pretty sure he means table of contents. –  Peter Olson Mar 22 '11 at 6:10
Yes toc=table of contents; common maintenance headache for all html designers –  user5858 Mar 22 '11 at 6:28

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The samaxesjs TOC jQuery plugin works pretty well.

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It does not get SEO advantage. That is Bots don't come to know how nicely a page has been outlined in TOC. –  AgA Apr 13 '12 at 17:50

As an alternative to the htmltoc script mentioned by @user5858, there is hypertoc, a more powerful rewrite of the same, again done with Perl. Install it like this (on Ubuntu Linux for example):

sudo cpan -f -i HTML::GenToc

Use it like this:

hypertoc --inline --make_anchors --make_toc --overwrite file.html
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I just wrote a blog post on generating table of contents for an HTML page using hypertoc, sed, and make. The shell script also inserts google ads using an ad name. I also created a navigation section that can be used to navigate to other pages on the web site.

The sample template of a web page I use looks something like this:

<!-- INCLUDE Navigation -->
<div id="centerDoc">
<!-- Insert an ad -->
<!-- INCLUDE GoogleAd1 -->
<!-- Insert the table of contents here -->
<h2>More HTML code here</h2>

I wrote a script called include that reads a file named *.html.in and created a *.html file. The script looks like this. I also used a makefile to convert the *.html.in files into the *.html files

#This script modifies HTML pages staticly, using something similar 
# to the "#INCLUDE" C preprocessor mechanism
INCLUDE=${1?'Missing include file'}
IFILE=${1?'Missing input file'}
OFILE=`echo $IFILE  | sed 's/\.in$//'`
# get the name without the path
OFILENAME=`echo $OFILE  | sed 's:.*/::'`
if [ "$IFILE" = "$OFILE" ]
    echo input file $IFILE same as output file $OFILE - exit

ARGS="--toc_entry 'H1=1' --toc_end 'H1=/H1' --toc_entry 'H2=2' --toc_end 'H2=/H2'  --toc_entry 'H3=3' --toc_end 'H3=/H3'  --toc_entry 'H4=4' --toc_end 'H4=/H4' --toc_entry 'H5=5' --toc_end 'H5=/H5'"
# The string !--toc-- is used as a marker to insert the new Table of Contents
TOC="--toc_tag '!--toc--' --toc_tag_replace"
eval hypertoc $ARGS $TOC --make_anchors --make_toc --inline --outfile - $IFILE| \
sed "/<!-- INCLUDE [Nn]avigation/ r $INCLUDE
# Quick and dirty way to add a way to get back to the Toc from an Entry
# 1) put a marker in the beginning of the ToC
    s/<h1>Table of Contents/<h1><a name=\"TOC\">Table Of Contents/
# 2) Add a link back to the ToC from each entry
    s:\(<h[1234]>\)<a name=:\1<a href=\"$OFILENAME#TOC\" name=:g
# Include ad named 'GoogleAd1'
    /INCLUDE GoogleAd1/ {
    r Ads/GoogleAd1
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