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I am developing an Amazon webservice client in java. I have developed all the stubs needed as specified in their site. I could access the title and asin using ItemLookup response. I need to access the price information and image of products. Can someone help me to sort the issue.The code and its response is given below

public class iteml {
   public void itemdetails()
    System.out.println("sample test");
    AWSECommerceService service = new AWSECommerceService();
    service.setHandlerResolver(new awshandlerresolver("secret key"));  // important
    AWSECommerceServicePortType port = service.getAWSECommerceServicePort();

ItemLookupRequest itemLookup = new ItemLookupRequest();

ItemLookup lookup = new ItemLookup();
lookup.setAWSAccessKeyId("APi key"); // important

ItemLookupResponse response = port.itemLookup(lookup);

String r = response.toString();
System.out.println("response: " + r);

      for (Items itemList:response.getItems())

        for (Item item : itemList.getItem())
           final String asin= item.getASIN();
            System.out.println("Title: " +
           // Image I=item.getSmallImage();
             // final Image I1 = I;
           // String url=I1.getURL();
           // System.out.println(url);

            String pr=item.getItemAttributes().getListPrice().getFormattedPrice();
           // System.out.println(p);

public static void main(String args[])
      iteml l=new iteml();

output is B0036WT3EI //asin id Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException Title: Samsung LN19C350 19-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD HDTV (Black) at plugin.iteml.itemdetails(iteml.java:65) at plugin.iteml.main(iteml.java:73) Java Result: 1

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I am afraid to be a bit late, but here we go.

After this piece of code:

ItemLookupRequest itemLookup = new ItemLookupRequest();

add the following line:

itemLookup.setResponseGroup(new String[] { "Images", "ItemAttributes" });

You need to say that you want the ItemLookupRequest request to return a response with both Images and ItemAttributes (from where you extract the ListPrice).

I didn't test in Java, but should work fine.

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