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Am a recent PhD(Life sciences) student of Sep2010 intake in reputed university. I wish to change my research topic cos of following reasons:

1) My supervisor made me to rewrite literature review thrice.(Frustating for me...) 2) He was objecting me in doing lab(he say I should have basic know of subject..then only i need to do lab) 3) He never made single appreciation for my work.

I would like to ask people in forum, Is there any option for me to change supervisor? or research project?? in first year? If so what is the approach?

Since this is self-funded project all my money is going waste...n even my health too...(deppressed.a lott..)

Please reply asap...

My best wishes to all prospective students.

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this ain't the place to ask your question – mbx Mar 22 '11 at 7:14
talk to your department, or a guidance counselor. Don't ask us. – Ted Hopp Mar 22 '11 at 7:18

I think you should ask your department rather than people at StackOverflow. I guess it could be possible to change the research topic, but I also guess this depends on the university. Normally, universities have people whom you can trustfully tell your problem and I'm sure they can give you much better advise than anyone here.

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