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I am struggling with my htaccess. I have multiple redirects, some works some don't i can't figure out why This works:

RewriteRule ^submit/*$ public/submit.php
RewriteRule ^articles/*$ public/articles.php

But this doesn't

RewriteRule ^books/*$ public/books.php

I have no idea why my code doesn't work, it gives me a 404 when i try to access

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Could be that you have a folder called books, but not a folder called submit or articles. That might explain difference in behavior.

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wow, i had a file called books.sql in the same folder. i copied it there temporarily and i forget to delete it. as soon as i removed it, my page is working now, Thank you so much i struggled for hours with this –  Ibu Mar 22 '11 at 8:07

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