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I have to replace the nano-X stuff in our linux embedded application and need some replacements for the drawing functions Arc, Rect, FillRect, Ellipse, FillEllipse, Line, Text, DrawImageFromFile.

Does anyone know of a suitable open source library that I can use to replace these? Ideally it should work with a pixel buffer in 16bit color, so that writing to the linux framebuffer device is possible.

I thought about libcairo but that is a rather big package fro just this purpose. The use of Qt 4.7 is planned for the future and I'm sure it contains the necessary drawing functions. Should I go directly with that?

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The first library that comes to mind is SDL. Also have a look at GGI (It is much simpler than SDL). FLTK too have a simple 2D/3D interface but it is C++.

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I think you should go directly with Qt (quite a big package too, though) if you're going to use it ; it'll be much easier to handle dependancies, and it'll do everything you want.

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