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I Have many elements having same is but with different data,I want to call same JQuery function on click of each element.How can I do this?

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You cannot have multiple ID's in your HTML markup.

It would be an invalid markup. When querying for $('#foobar') and there are five elements which have that id, you would only get the first instance. So even if there would be a way (...) to apply code to all of those nodes, don't do it.

Use Classnames when you want to "combine" some elements.

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Using the same ID on more than one element is not allowed. Use classes for that.

<div class="myClass">..</div>
<div class="myClass">..</div>

$(".myClass").click(function() {...});
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try with

jQuery ("div,span,p.myClass").click(function() {

//your code


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id shoud b unique but class name can be same in a HTML – diEcho Mar 22 '11 at 9:21

When operating with id's can create lot of redundancy it is better to operate with classes but if your classes are getting repeated than it could be a bit tricky to handle i would recommend you to use some custom attributes for this

Some sample code for you.

    var spnActive = document.createElement("span");
    $(spnActive).attr('isExpColSpan', 'true');

In the second line i have added an custom attribute in the next line i have shown how to use this attribute.

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