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I am using a custom theme for the front end of my drupal website.I created it by modifying garland theme.And I am using garland as the admin theme.

When I try to edit a page from admin it shows the edit page with my custom theme ( And It breaks up the layout.

I want to show the admin theme for all the admin tasks. This problem also occurs on the blocks page (

Is there any custom module or core hack to show admin theme when editing pages.

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Be sure that you check the option in the page

enter image description here

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If you want to use admin theme by non-admin users you must give permissions to that user: Permitions->System->View the administration theme

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To get the admin theme showing for non-admin users, I went to admin/people/permissions/list and checked the "View the administration theme" box for all roles.

Sounds simple except that the Filter list wasn't showing that entry when I typed theme, so it took me awhile to find it. Finally I used the browser find to find all instances of the word "theme".

Or, you could type "System" in the Filter list to show only a few options in the relevant category.

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You have to check the checkbox under:

enter image description here

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You can use admin theme module, download and install it , the go to permission in dmin/people/permissions then in Administration theme set permission to waht user you want by checking Access administration theme. Then goto in bottom of the page in custom page add


and finally clear the cache

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