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I have to develop a database and I'm confused on what is the user friendly database I need to use. I have told to use MySql but some told me to use Oracle. Please give me some advices as I'm a newbie. Thanks a bunch!

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I don't think Oracle is more user friendly than MySQL. Whoever gave you that advice wasn't thinking of your best interests.

Start with MySQL.

But you must understand that SQL and relational databases aren't going to be easy. You have a long, steep learning curve to climb. Good luck.

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Personally I ♥ PostgreSQL, and I find it user-friendly in the sense that I rarely find myself going "but WHY doesn't that work?" compared with others.

It's also free, which of course is a practical advantage.

That said, what other tech will you be using with it? While uncommon combinations (SQLServer with PHP, MySQL with .NET) aren't wrong, the fact that some patterns are more common makes it easier to find examples and help from others.

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MySQL used to be a good choice, but since oracle changed some code and licensing, it's safer to move to MariaDB which is just a drop replace of Mysql, but totally free software.

Oracle is good if you're able to pay their license, but doesn't benefits of community support. IBM DB2 has a good set of industrialisation tools around which makes it robust and efficient.

At last, the postgeSQL is a GNU database, but not widely used as mysql or maria.

MariaDB should be the best choice for you...

Best regards.

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PostgreSQL isn't GNU. – Jon Hanna Mar 22 '11 at 10:32

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