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How do analyse and use EXPLAIN for my stored procedure calls ? I need to optimize the query time, however seems like there is no where i can do a EXPLAIN call proc_name() ?

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You can try

set profiling=1;
call proc_name();
show profiles;
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That does not reveal the execution plan, but it does show how long each query in the procedure took. –  Brandon Jul 13 '14 at 22:45

at present you can't explain stored procedures in mysql - but you could do something like this:

drop procedure if exists get_user;
delimiter #
create procedure get_user
in p_user_id int unsigned,
in p_explain tinyint unsigned
  if (p_explain) then
    explain select * from users where user_id = p_user_id;
  end if;
  select * from users where user_id = p_user_id;

delimiter ;

call get_user(1,1);
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EXPLAIN works only on SELECT statements, except when you use EXPLAIN tablename which is an alias of DESCRIBE tablename

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