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I have an html file which has to be parsed using selenium. I need to extract a the text contained in a div tag which has an unique id. The original file is as follows:

<div id="debugState" style="display:none"> 
            Model: ModelCode[UK51]
            Features: [S08TL, S0230, S0851, S0428, S01CD, S0879, S01CA, S08SP, S0698,  S01CB, S0548, S08SC, S08TM, S04AK, S01CC, S0801]
            Packages: [S0801]

The performed command is as follows: selenium.getText("//div[@id='debugState']"); and the result is the empty String (instead of the contained text). Am I doing something wrong or this is the expected result due to the style="display:none"switch.

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Have you tried removing the style="display:none" attribute to see what effect it has on your test? According to the JavaDoc this method should do what you need.

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You are right. getText public java.lang.String getText(java.lang.String locator) Description copied from interface: Selenium Gets the text of an element. This works for any element that contains text. This command uses either the textContent (Mozilla-like browsers) or the innerText (IE-like browsers) of the element, which is the rendered text shown to the user. – Luixv Mar 24 '11 at 7:45

I'm having really hard times trying to get text inside web elements by using the getText() method. For example if you are trying to retrieve a text in an element after updating it by using:

WebElement test = driver.findElement("idvalue"));

when you print the text's content by using the WebElement.getText() API, you'll end up getting the old value contained before updating the field.

What I suggest is accessing the DOM info by executing JScript (in my case I had already included jQuery in the page I was testing with Selenium). Even if the element is hidden, like in your case, you'll get what you need.

String test = (String)((JavascriptExecutor)driver).executeScript("return $('#idvalue').text()");

p.s. I'm using jQuery text() assuming my idvalue is a DIV element

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Upvote for this because getText will only return data if the element is visible, however sometimes you do want to test the text of a hidden element and the executeScript is the only way to do that. – Jimmy Bosse Oct 11 '12 at 16:18

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