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I use Notepad++ when coding on Windows, loading and saving to Linux servers via sftp

I'm doing some Couchdb development and Futon is not a great way to write code.

I'm running Couchdb on Linux.

Can anyone suggest an effective mechanism for loading and saving to CouchDB using Notepad++ for Windows?

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I think the answer is to use Couchapp which deploys CouchDB code automatically from the file system to a CouchDB database. That way I can edit the code on the disk.

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Are you developing couchapps?

There is a CouchApp Plugin existing for Eclipse. Maybe there is a way to write a plugin for Notepad++ with the same features!? I am not sure, but when I was testing it, it had no surprising features: deployment (with a configured .couchapprc) and the ability to generate views, etc via secondary mouseclick-menu.

I am working with textmate which has a couchapp plugin that automatically triggers a "couchapp push" uppon document saving.

Also I just learned there is the possibilty to

couchapp push --export > appname.json

To not push to a database but to a file.

If your intention is to edit Views, then LoveSeat could be a solution?

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And I just stumbled over SOCA:github.com/quirkey/soca#readme Soca features autopush. –  chris polzer Mar 25 '11 at 0:02
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