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I'm struggling with understanding how Rake processes Cucumber tasks. I'm probably doing this wrong, but can't see what the "right" way is.

I've got the following tasks:

namespace :features do

  Cucumber::Rake::Task.new(:browser, 'Run Cucumber Features using a Browser') do |t|
    t.profile = ENV['HUDSON'] ? 'browser_hudson' : 'browser' 

  Cucumber::Rake::Task.new(:headless, 'Run Cucumber Features using a Headless Browser') do |t|
    t.profile = ENV['HUDSON'] ? 'hudson' : 'default' 

This seems straight forward to me.

The problem is when I run any of the cucumber tasks, I'm seeing both tasks execute. So if I do:

rake features:browser


rake features:headless

I see setup_environment and check_profile run twice, and then the actual task getting invoked. I end up seeing something like this:

setup_environment called
check_profile called, running in browser
setup_environment called
check_profile called, running headless
** Invoke features:browser (first_time)
** Execute features:browser

And of course, it's now running headless.

I'm guessing I shouldn't be doing any "work" inside the task definition for a Cucumber task. Is there an alternative I should be looking into to accomplish this problem?

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I resolved this issue by doing the following:

task :browser => ['features:setupenv', 'features:isbrowser', 'features:browser'] do

task :headless => ['features:setupenv', 'features:headless'] do

The two new features tasks are:

task :setupenv do

task :isbrowser do
  ENV['BROWSER'] ||= 'true'

This works, but still doesn't answer the question why Cucumber tasks operate differently from standard Rake tasks. I guess it's a bad assumption on my part that Cucumber rake tasks extended a standard Rake task, when what's really happening is a Rake Task is being constructed dynamically. In order for that to happen, the code needs to execute, rather than act as a pointer to that code for execution later (which is what I assumed would happen)

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