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Is it possible to set exact or at least approximate execution time of scheduled task on GAE that will execute at rate specified (5/s, 100/h)?

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If you want something to happen regularly at a particular time, then you should use cron. Create a handler that will spawn Tasks and have cron trigger it at a certain time.

If you need to do this programatically (ie, it's not regular enough to use cron) then you can set a countdown on a Taskqueue Task when it's created to delay when the task runs.

[countdown is] Number of seconds into the future that this Task should execute, measured from time of insertion. Currently defaults to zero.

See Task

So say you wanted to execute your task at 5pm today you could calculate the rough time til you want your task to execute in seconds, then add a task to the queue:

seconds_til_start = (datetime(2011,3,22,17,00) - datetime.now()).seconds
taskqueue.add(url='/yourtask', countdown=seconds_til_start)
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awesome, I've missed countdown property. that was exactly what I needed. –  Bojan Babic Mar 22 '11 at 13:55
@Bojan Also note the 'eta' task, which specifies an absolute, rather than relative, time. Bear in mind that these are earliest execution times - your task will execute at or after the specified time. –  Nick Johnson Mar 23 '11 at 0:59

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