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I have a List with country names as items in it.

List<string> myCountries;

I want to bind this list as a datasource to an asp.net Repeater.

What I want to achieve is to define a template within my repeater so that it binds the country names into columns side by side and limit each column to have maximum 5 countries.

Basically it has to start binding on the very left column and when there is 5 countries bound it should add a new column on the right and go on binding in this new column. After 5 more countries it should again add one more column and go on like this.

How can I achieve this?


  • country 1 + country 4 + country 7 +
  • country 2 + country 5 + country ..+
  • country 3 + country 6 + country n +
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I am not sure whether repeater is having property repeatcolumn repeatrow and repeatDirection property.

but datalist can do your job..

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Thanks Bindas, I did not know this property exist on DataList! –  pencilCake Mar 22 '11 at 12:52

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