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The default Photos app in iPhone supports AirPlay for both Photos and Videos. But, Apple has given API for setting allowsAirPlay only in MPMoviePlayerController i.e only for videos. If I support it only for Videos user will complain for not supporting it for photos. How do I support AirPlay for both Photos and Videos in my app? Is there any method/interface/framework available that supports AirPlay and I have to just call it when the user clicks on my custom button?

Thanks and Regards, Deepa

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You'd probably have to convert it to mp4 first (which can get pretty messy). That's the only way I know. I would personally want to know hat libraries I can use to do that too! – nolim1t Apr 3 '11 at 23:16
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Sorry, iPhone SDK 4.3 provides no API for sending photos via AirPlay.

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