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I have this page in a Liferay 6.0.5 portal which contains of a looong Document Library list, and at the bottom of the page (several screen-heights down, normally) there's a custom portlet with some editing tools. When a user navigates with the tool links, he or she always has to do a lot of annoying scrolling down to the lower portlet to continue his/her work, and I'm looking to fix this.

Looking through the source, I came across the following in /html/common/themes/bottom_js.jspf:

    String scroll = ParamUtil.getString(request, "scroll");
<c:if test="<%= Validator.isNotNull(scroll) %>">
        function(event) {
            document.getElementById('<%= HtmlUtil.escape(scroll) %>').scrollIntoView();

However, the parameter scroll is a non-namespaced ("global") request parameter. Is it possible to generate such URL parameters through the portlet API? (I.e., using <portlet:renderURL> or possibly <liferay-portlet:renderURL>?

Of course, I'll happily take suggestions to other solutions as well!



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In fact, Liferay's implementation of PortletURL handles the URL parameter scroll (and a handful of others) in a special way - it is not namespaced.

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