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We have a ServicedComponent (COM+ server application) which is quite CPU intensive. It's called from a Windows Service and the amount of time it takes for it to complete is not very important.

However, I do need it to run with lower priority. How can I change it's priority?

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I'm assuming that your component is running in a Server Application (out of process from your windows service).

If that is the case you could set the priority of the COM+ process to be BelowNormal in the class constructor:

public class Class1 : ServicedComponent
    public Class1()
        System.Diagnostics.Process process = 

        if (process.PriorityClass != 
            process.PriorityClass = 

If I run a simple test the dllhost.exe process priority is set to be BelowNormal.

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I think you have to set the windows service priority to low.

So please look into the below link. Hope that helps.


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And how do I find the correct dllhost.exe that hosts the COM+ application? Or do you mean that the dllhost.exe will get the same priority as the calling windows service? –  jgauffin Mar 22 '11 at 14:02
@jgauffin, check this link for the dllhost.exe. jasonsamuel.com/2010/01/13/… –  Nirmal Mar 22 '11 at 14:08
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