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I've made a custom list itemRenderer with 2 buttons and a label. One button deletes the list entry (and thats not the problem) the second button would change the actual view. Does anyone knows how I can change actual view within the itemrenderer ?

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When you say "changing the view" what exactly are you trying to do? Change the ItemRenderer's state? Modify a ViewStack? Show/hide a component? Posting some of your code would probably help us help you. :) – Jason Towne Mar 22 '11 at 15:09

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From what I think I understand, you want to change a viewstack or something. What you want to do is bubble an event from the itemRenderer up to a point in the display list where someone will listen and trigger an event handler which then changes the view.

So, in your itemRenderer do

dispatchEvent(new Event('someEventName', true));

And up the display list you need to listen for that even

this.addEventListener('someEventName', someHandlerFunction);

And in that function just switch your view or whatever else you want.

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