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I have a page with jQuery's scroll effect.

Scrolled elements are contained in an element with overflow="hidden".

I need to activate some Javascript code once a portlet is scrolled to the view of the user, and other Javascript code to run when the portlet is hidden. I currently can't control the scroll buttons, so I had this idea: checking (periodically, with window.setTimeout) if the portlet is viewable or not by the user. Testing visible="block" won't help, obviously.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you

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Look at the .scrollHeight property of the container. It will tell you the scroll position. Then compare that to the offset height of the element you're detecting.

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I didn't mention that scrolling is horizontal. Do I then have to check scrollWidth VS offsetWidth? –  djechelon Mar 22 '11 at 14:34
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I had to compare via jQuery the element's offset().left with the container's offset().left() and offset().left + width() values.

I am assuming that all elements are sized in order to be either fully visible or invisible (so I just need to check left corner) and in my case scrolling is only horizontal, so no need to check top and height

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Recently I wrote a very small plugin for just this:

jQuery Scrolled Out Of View

It would be a little hard to post meaningful code examples here, so I suggest you check out the demo.

Run it on an element, supply a wrapper element and an object will be returned. The object will have numerical values for top, bottom, left and right if the element has been scrolled out of the wrapper on those respective sides to represent by how many pixels the element is out of view on that side.

I thought I would post here so that anyone landing from a Search would be able to find the plugin and perhaps save themselves some time.

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I quitted that project long ago but you do definitely deserve an upvote for the effort. –  djechelon Nov 8 '12 at 19:55

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