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As part of our object CRUD work flow we need to call third party web services. I am trying to find a way to unit test this. Obviously, I don't want / can't call the actual web services as they don't exist yet. I do have the WSDL that they will be using. Does it make sense to make my own "fake" service to match the WSDL and have the app call it or should I look into mocking frameworks?

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"Faking" the service would be creating a mock. The question therefore boils down to, should you use a mocking framework, or should you mock based on the WSDL.

svcutil.exe can be used to make a service stub out of a WSDL. So it would be quickest in this case to not use a mocking framework like Moq. However, if you plan on mocking other things in your app, it might make sense to take the time to learn a Mocking framework and use that.

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WSDL?! What is this 2001? –  Justin Thomas Apr 15 '13 at 19:21

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