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I have made an mvc paging helper and I need to use it in a few action links (different subjects and different controller ) I'm stuck in the routing system ( I have no idea how to pass it ) This is my pager helper :

enter code here public static string PageLinks(this HtmlHelper html , int currentPage,int totalPages ,Func<int,string> pageUrl)
        StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder();
        for (int i = 1; i <= totalPages; i++)
            TagBuilder tag = new TagBuilder("a");
            tag.MergeAttribute("href", pageUrl(i));
            tag.InnerHtml = i.ToString();
            if (i == currentPage)
        return result.ToString();


Thanks .

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you need to add the following to you Global.asax

                          "any name",
                          new { controller = "ControllerName", action = "Index" }
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I don't quite understand what you are asking but if it is how to call this helper here's how it might look like:

<%= Html.PageLinks(
    p => Url.Action("SomeAction", "SomeController", new { page = p })
) %>
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Well, first thanks, I know how to call the pager( <%=Html.PageLinks((int)ViewData["CurrentPage"], (int)ViewData["TotalPages"], x => Url.Action("morevorts", new { page = x }))%>) , I don’t know how to cofiger the call in the routing (the global.aspx) – Izeq Mar 22 '11 at 14:52
@Izeq, the call is done in the view. I don't understand what call you want to configure and what relation does it have with routes? – Darin Dimitrov Mar 22 '11 at 14:53
The routing should let the site be faster (as the IIS do need to figer out the url's ) think about samthing like this (I'm New to mvc so try to folow my thinking (and i could be wrong about it )new { page = @"\d+" } as adding this to the routing Sys. – Izeq Mar 22 '11 at 15:01

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