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my question is very hard and I hope someone can help me to solve this problem.

I'm building a website where people can upload images.

These images in some pages are in vertical thumbnails but they can upload orizzontal images as well.

The images in thumbnails are shown as background, and not in a img tag!

All that I would like to do is:

Detect the face in the image and set the background-position in order to be centered in the thumbnail.

I hope someone know how to do something like that!

PS: Why the image is in background? Couse of round corner -moz-, -webkit- and css3.


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Javascript is not really suited to intensive tasks such as image processing. If you insist, you could use canvas, which I think gives access to each pixel - but you wouldn't want to do the processing on-the-fly.

You'd be best processing the image server-side, then passing some coordinates to the browser (to identify the position of the face) and positioning the image with js.

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there is this useful plugin: papermashup.com/jquery-face-detection I would like to use this algorithm with Background position instead of "top, left" positioning... –  Andrea Turri Mar 22 '11 at 15:46

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