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hi i m student of computer science . i m working on college project . In the project , i want to direct all the calls to my mobile to my PC , which handle the call(automatic attend the call) , very like the ivrs do .

how can i achive this , most important is , what else hardware do i need?? for now i m using open source IVRS software ??

i hope you get question .. i m computer science student.

thanks in advance .

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Use Twilio

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@Soldier.moth: the answer is not behind the link. The answer is "Use Twilio" and it includes a link to twilio. IMHO, this is OK. – Stefan Steinegger Aug 17 '12 at 10:53
@StefanSteinegger: that makes sense, I deleted my original comment. – soldier.moth Aug 17 '12 at 16:41
Why doesn't the answer say why we should use Twilio over any other system? It is ok to recommend something but it would be good to kniow why you are recommending it. For example, why recommend Twilio over GVP or WVR? Is it better somehow? – Jerry Jeremiah Nov 16 '13 at 6:42

Other options for students are Tropo and Voxeo. Tropo is strictly cloud based like Twilio and is totally free unless you put your application into production. Great for a student that wants to experiment. With Voxeo Prophecy you have the choice of a cloud based solution (free for development) or you can get a two port version that you can run on your computer for free. The on-premise version is easy to install is strictly software based, even providing a soft-phone to make test calls using SIP.

For either Tropo or Voxeo you can make your own choice on what web application development technologies you want to use (ex: PHP, JSP, ASP.NET...). If you are familiar with ASP.NET and C# you may want to look at the open source project VoiceModel, which allows you to develop your application once and run it on either Tropo or Voxeo Prophecy. If you go with Voxeo they also have an excellent development environment called CXP that you can download for free.

Tropo and Twilio are based on proprietary API's whereas Voxeo Prophecy is based on W3C open standards VoiceXML and CCXML. If your application needs to do advanced call control, like conferencing, CCXML is a great choice.

Another advantage for using Voxeo or Tropo is that they provide excellent support, even for newbies using their free version of product and services. They both do a great job of making development of communications applications easy.

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