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I'm using CKEditor in OpenCart My problem is with the paragraph tags it automatically add and how it handles applying header tags. Say I have this text:

Example text here

This is some example text.

CKEditor has them both in the same paragraph block even though they're on different lines. I highlight Example text here and select h1. It makes both lines h1 instead of just my selected line.

How can I fix this? I imported over 1000 products so I can't very well go through and replace every p with a br, especially since in any new product, the editor will add p tags anyway. I am aware I can add the header styles in Source, but my coworkers can not handle html. They need to be able to highlight a line and change it to h1 or h2 without hassle.


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Are you sure that it works if there's a br to make a linefeed, but not when there's a paragraph? As I've figured, the h1 would apply to the whole paragraph, ie change the p to h1.

Try the same in your Word Processor, with linefeed (ctrl+enter) or new paragraph (enter).

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