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I'm trying to bring a feature branch ("tricoherence") up-to-date with the master branch using this command:

git rebase master tricoherence

Unsurprisingly, I have a merge conflict. No problem, I fire up git mergetool and save the day. Of critical importance (I think) is that I'm using opendiff (== FileMerge) to resolve merges. When I save the file in FileMerge, I go back to the terminal, and find that I'm no longer in my branch:

computer$ git branch
* (no branch)

What happened?

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So, I got the answer on the #git irc channel:

doener : rebase always operates on a detached HEAD. The original branch head is updated once the rebase is complete

SethRobertson : git rebase --continue I believe. I believe you need to git add the files first

So, in order:

git rebase master tricoherence
git mergetool
# remember to delete the <file>.orig file made by opendiff
git add <file>
git rebase --continue
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