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I am learning Scala. However, on the exercise, I have some problem with Stack. How can I remove the second element from stack. I have to remove second element and put back the top element.

Thanks your advance

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i dont know scala but normally you would do

variable = pop()

save the first element, pop the second one to nirvana and then push the first element on top again

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Ah, You are right. I almost found the answer. Thank you very much. – Cando Mar 22 '11 at 15:59

I know nothing about Scala, but a stack is a stack.

Call popon the stack and assign the returned value to a temporary variable, then pop again and push back the element you assigned with the first call tot pop.

Pseudo code:

tempVar = stack.pop();
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Not much difference between a Stack and a List, and the Scala API documentation says this as well.

If using a List, a different approach to this is:

val result: (Option[T], List[T]) = myList match {
  case first :: x :: rest => (Some(x), first :: rest)
  case list => (None, list)

The explicit type on the result is for clarity. The advantage to this is you wont throw an exception if there is no second item, and it is a decent example of how to use pattern matching.

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sorry, I automatically assumed you were using an immutable stack. This answer doesn't apply if you are using mutable, but I'll keep it here as an example of using an immutable stack. – derekjw Mar 22 '11 at 22:59

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