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i am writing a html form, that simply passes data to a php one, and then to an sql database. my question is, should view be stored in php or sql (and call them from php)? i could do that. the problem is that in my views i have variables. i.e each time i call them i have different parameters in them.

so my php code looks like this:

$this->query = "SELECT student.gender FROM student WHERE email ='$this->email'";

if i put the above view in mysql, i can't use a variable like "email" right?

so where are view better to be stored? same goes for procedures ?

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$this->query = sprintf("SELECT student.gender FROM student WHERE email ='%s'", $this->email);
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so im guessing, no storing in sql –  pantelis Mar 22 '11 at 18:37

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