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I can't seem to add a reference to a DLL file in F#. It might be a bug with Visual Studio. I attempted to add a reference to my F# project by clicking on "Add Reference" -> "browse". I found my DLL, and when I attempted to add it, nothing happened. The window didn't even close to confirm my selection. Help please.

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Are you adding a reference to a managed DLL?

Anyways, if you can, make a small repro and send it to fsbugs AT microsoft dot com.

Edit: Here's the list of known issues with the F# Sept CTP.

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I think there are some known issues when the DLL is produced by Managed C++, however I don't know the details. In any case, sending a bug report to the F# team as Michael suggests is the best thing to do.

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Adding a reference to the F# project never works for me, i need to debug the project, then i reference the resultant dll found in the debug folders. This usually does the trick for me.

When I reference the project it always tells me that there is no dll.

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