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In CRM 4.0, I would like (if possible) to open an external link directly from a view of several entities (for example 'My accounts'). When this action is taken, a new browser window with a parameterized url should open into an external system. Ideally either a link on the record row, a toolbar button in the view or an action in the 'More actions' list. Is this possible?

I imagine this would be a javascript somewhere, but I am not sure about the extension point (ISV.config?) as there is no form loaded in the view. This is not related to associated views.

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Its possible by modifying the ISV.config (XML).

You'll want to look at adding an entry your entity under the following xpaths (account example shown)

/ImportExportXml/Entities/Entity[name='account']/Grid/MenuBar/ActionMenu or /ImportExportXml/Entities/Entity[name='account']/Grid/MenuBar/Button

Example in SDK is:

<!-- The main Global Menu Bar located at the top of all root level areas -->
   <!-- Custom Menus that appear between the Goto Menu and the Help Menu -->
          <Title LCID="1033" Text="ISV" />
         <MenuItem Url="" >
             <Title LCID="1033" Text="New Window" />

The MenuItem node supports a JavaScript attribute (make sure you XML encode your javascript).

Not sure what you want to parameterize to your url. If you use a modal dialog, the selected records in the grid are passed as dialogArguments on the window. Remember that IE has a maximum URL length if you were planning on passing many selected GUID's by query string. Full MSDN example: Walkthrough: Capturing the GUID Values of Records Selected in a Grid

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