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I have 2 targets in XCode, an executable containing class Record like

class Record
  const char * getFirstName() const;
  void setFirsttName(const char * firstName);

  const char * getCompany() const;
  void setCompany(const char * company);

And a unit test bundle, which is linked to executable via bundleLoader and contains test like

Record record;

The strange and annoying thing is, I get a linker error saying that it doesnt see setCompany symbol, but it sees setFirsttName. Complete cleans and rebuilds dont help the matter. Can anyone help?

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Do you have a definition of setCompany in your source file for Record? What is in the header is just a declaration, and you need a definition to link programs that use the method.

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Did you forget to define setCompany in your source file? Alternately did you forget to qualify it with the ClassName:: so it's treated as a class method?

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