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I've been trying to change the format of a single column in a WebGrid without much success.

Said column is this:

grid.Column(columnName: "EmailAddress", header: "Email Address", format:(item) => Html.EmailLink(item.EmailAddress, item.EmailAddress, ""), canSort: false),

The error is:

The best overloaded method match for 'System.Web.Helpers.WebGrid.Column(string, string, System.Func, string, bool)' has some invalid arguments

I am confused as the method signature matches. Also, if I change the column to:

grid.Column(columnName: "EmailAddress", header: "Email Address", format:(item) => new HtmlString(String.Format("<a href=\"mailto:{0}\" class=\"{2}\">{1}</a>", item.EmailAddress, item.EmailAddress, "")), canSort: false),

It works without error.

For reference, EmailLink is a very basic HtmlHelper extension method:

    public static IHtmlString EmailLink(this HtmlHelper helper, string emailAddress, string linkText, string linkClass) {
        return new HtmlString(String.Format("<a href=\"mailto:{0}\" class=\"{2}\">{1}</a>", emailAddress, linkText, linkClass));

Apologies if I've missed any detail - this is my first post eek

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This is due to the ugliness of WebGrid and all this dynamic crap. You need a cast:

    columnName: "EmailAddress", 
    header: "Email Address", 
    format: item => Html.EmailLink(
    canSort: false

This being said don't hesitate to checkout MvcContrib Grid or the Telerik Grid which are far better.

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Perfect, this fixed the problem. I'm going to look at MvcContrib controls as this solution is very inelegant. I wasn't aware they had released anything Razor/MVC3 compatible yet though? – Rory McCrossan Mar 22 '11 at 19:52
@Rory McCrossan, the WebGrid was released with MVC 3 and it was supposed to work nicely with Razor, so that's the best you get from Microsoft at the moment. – Darin Dimitrov Mar 22 '11 at 19:54
It's always the best you get from Microsoft. – anon271334 Mar 24 '11 at 1:18
Is it possible to use a HtmlString for the header? I have been trying casting the HtmlString back to a string but the result is that the string is shown as plain html... I have been thinking to override the WebGrid, but I hope there is an easier way. Would be great if you could expand this answer so the HtmlString could be use for the header attribute. – thomvlau Nov 4 '13 at 16:09

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