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I would like to create a full screen application (mac) but eventhough I have the window fullscreen; [window setFrame:[window frameRectForContentRect:[[window screen] frame]]display:YES animate:YES];

I can't get rid of the title bar? Can you change the above code to make the window without a titlebar or do you have to do it completely different? Thanks :)

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CocoaWithLove has a good article about it:

fullscreenWindow = [[FullscreenWindow alloc]
    initWithContentRect:[mainWindow contentRectForFrameRect:[mainWindow frame]]
    screen:[mainWindow screen]];
[fullscreenWindow setLevel:NSFloatingWindowLevel];
[fullscreenWindow setContentView:[mainWindow contentView]];
[fullscreenWindow setTitle:[mainWindow title]];
[fullscreenWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:nil];
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That's not working :(, I read that website before I posted the question... I'm using Xcode 4 and I'm not sure if it's me doing something wrong or if Xcode just wont do it??? Thanks for your answer though :) – Lenny Magico Mar 22 '11 at 21:33

I successfully placed the window over the titlebar using the window level NSScreenSaverWindowLevel, instead of NSFloatingWindowLevel suggested in Macmade's answer.

fullscreenWindow = [[NSWindow alloc]
                    initWithContentRect:[[NSScreen mainScreen] frame]
[fullscreenWindow setLevel:NSScreenSaverWindowLevel];
// Perform further configuration here, e.g. setTitle, setBackgroundColor etc.
[fullscreenWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:nil];
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