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I'm looking for a PHP class that will make it painless to work with a SOAP service. Ideally something that works like this:

$class = new SoapClass();
$class->addArgument('foo', '123');
$class->addArgument('bar', '123');

$result = $class->sendRequest();

$data = $result->data;
echo "$data->count results found.";

Any suggestions? I do have PHP 5.

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Um... like SoapClient? (us2.php.net/manual/en/class.soapclient.php) Granted, I don't consider that class exactly "painless." –  Andrew Mar 22 '11 at 17:55

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In a word, Nusoap.


$client = new soapclient('http://somewhere/path/to?wsdl', true);
$result = $client->call('method', [request array structure goes here] );
// -- Process $result

And a handful of examples ...

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Why don't you use the native php soap client ?


Zend is another good alternative ( but you need to have the zend library then )


My last recommendation is WSO2


But soap is not painless so don't expect that. Use a REST architecture.

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