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I'm working with a set of lobbying disclosure records. The Secretary of the Senate publishes these records as XML files, which look like this:

<Filing ID="1ED696B6-B096-4591-9181-DA083921CD19" Year="2010" Received="2011-01-01T11:33:29.330" Amount="" Type="LD-203 YEAR-END REPORT" Period="Year-End (July 1 - Dec 31)"> <Registrant xmlns="" RegistrantID="8772" RegistrantName="CERIDIAN CORPORATION" Address="4524 Cheltenham Drive&#13;&#10;Bethesda, MD 20814" RegistrantCountry="USA"/> <Lobbyist xmlns="" LobbyistName="O'CONNELL, JAMES"/> </Filing>

<Filing ID="179345CF-8D41-4C71-9C19-F41EB88254B5" Year="2010" Received="2011-01-01T13:48:31.543" Amount="" Type="LD-203 YEAR-END AMENDMENT" Period="Year-End (July 1 - Dec 31)"> <Registrant xmlns="" RegistrantID="400447142" RegistrantName="Edward Merlis" Address="8202 Hunting Hill Lane&#13;&#10;McLean, VA 22102" RegistrantCountry="USA"/> <Lobbyist xmlns="" LobbyistName="Merlis, Edward A"/> <Contributions> <Contribution xmlns="" Contributor="Merlis, Edward A" ContributionType="FECA" Payee="DeFazio for Congress" Honoree="Cong. Peter DeFazio" Amount="250.0000" ContributionDate="2010-09-05T00:00:00"/> <Contribution xmlns="" Contributor="Merlis, Edward A" ContributionType="FECA" Payee="Friends of Jim Oberstar" Honoree="Cong. Jim Oberstar" Amount="1000.0000" ContributionDate="2010-09-01T00:00:00"/> <Contribution xmlns="" Contributor="Merlis, Edward A" ContributionType="FECA" Payee="McCaskill for Missouri 2012" Honoree="Senator Claire McCaskill" Amount="1000.0000" ContributionDate="2010-09-18T00:00:00"/> <Contribution xmlns="" Contributor="Merlis, Edward A" ContributionType="FECA" Payee="Mesabi Fund" Honoree="Cong. Jim Oberstar" Amount="500.0000" ContributionDate="2010-07-13T00:00:00"/> </Contributions> </Filing>

As you can see, some <Filing> tags also contain <Contribution> tags, but others do not.

I see two objects here: contributors (i.e., lobbyists) and contributions (i.e., a transaction between a lobbyist and a member of Congress).

I'd like to load these records into a MySQL database. To me, the logical structure would include two tables: one for contributors (with fields for name, ID, address, etc.) and one for contributions (with amount, recipient, etc., and a relational link to the list of contributors).

My question: am I approaching this problem correctly? If so, does this data schema make sense? Finally, can you help me understand how to parse the XML to load it into the MySQL tables as I've structured them?

Many thanks, and apologies for the long/complicated question.

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i think you are on the right track. you could use an XSLT to transfor any given XML input file into SQL statements, then run that as a script to load the tables. – Randy Mar 22 '11 at 18:08
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Solved: I'm using a Python SAX parser to process the XML file.

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If you are using MySQL version 5.5 you may find the LOAD XML command useful.

That being said, LOAD XML appears to be geared towards loading data into a single table for a given XML file, so it may not work for your specific files.

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Tradiional approach for these kind of problems is to use an ETL tool.

Do you already have such tool (E.g. Informatica / Talend) in your organization?

Another approach is to write a small utility to parse these XMLs and load this data by creation of master detail relationships in MySQL.

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