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Simple question: I want to include an image "logo.png" as the background for my-app. Where should I put the file and how should I refer to it in the CSS file which is in the resources folder along with the main_page.js?

Here is the rest of the story:

I have a CSS class called doc-background. I know this class works because when I set the color of the background in a CSS file like so: .doc-background { background-color: red} it has the desired effect and Firebug shows me that the class doc-background is being used.

However, when I add a line like .doc-background { background-image: url('logo.png'); }, there is no effect. Firebug shows that the class doc-background is not applied. And when I modify the style in Firebug to add the line about the background-image it says "Failed to load URL" in the tooltip.

Can someone please point me to a guide on how to work with resources and images and where to put them if I want to use CSS? I have successfully used them using the image-view and coding them into the HTML.

Here is what I have already tried:

  • Using static-url instead
  • Moving the image file to images folder under resources
  • Referred to the image by using all variations on the path - including resources/images only including images, not including either...
  • Lot of Googling for the answer, Reading create your own app tutorials etc.

If you have an example app that uses colors and images from a CSS that will be the ultimate! But a location and some help with the background-image CSS property will get me started!

Thanks much,


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Are your sure the image is in the same dir as the file? –  Myles Gray Mar 22 '11 at 18:05
Did you mean 'absolute' path instead of static-url? I would try that for debugging purposes. Example: Your image is in a folder called 'images' in your root folder. For the background style call the exact url of the image background:url('') top left; It may be trying to grab the image from a folder whose path does not match from where it is being called. –  ckaufman Mar 22 '11 at 18:12

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Place your image somewhere relative to your css:


Then use static_url to refer to the image:

background-image: static_url('images/logo.png');

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